What To Know About Wine Service

Wine service incorporates more than just pouring the wine into a glass. The presentation and service is really important. Proper wine service should be done at all times, regardless of the age of the individual or the level of knowledge the individual has about wine. This is the case, especially when it comes to hotels, bars and any other entity that is providing wine services. This is the major reason as to why the waiter or the bartender should learn all there is about wine. Apart from that one should also take the obligation to purchase the right form of wine service equipment. With the right equipment service is made simpler and perfect.

Wine service all begins when taking the order. Though a high number of people consume wine very few actually know about wine. This in turn makes it difficult for them to make a decision on the exact type of wine to order. The waiter should take the obligation to help the customer make a decision on the type of wine to have. One should be careful with this and should always aim to please. Before selecting any type of wine that is in storage it is important to ensure that the wine was properly stored. This is where wine cabinets come of the essence. The easiest way to know the exact type of wine that will please the customer is by inquiring on the previous types of wine that they had and turned out fine. A guest or customer usually feels comfortable when given some form of advice on what to order.

Once the customer is able to make a decision, it is considered service etiquette to provide them with a sample. This will help them determine whether the wine will be perfect or not. Determining on whether the wine should be decanted is an important step in wine service. The main reason behind this is that decanting allows the wine to breathe which in turn allows the flavors to open up freely. Apart from that it removes wine sediments. It is however important to ensure that all old red wines are decanted since they tend to have sediments.

Presenting the wine to the guest is an important step, especially to those that know about wine. It is advisable to bring the whole bottle to the guests unless there is a wine cabinets installed, know more at http://www.eurocave.com.au/wine-cabinets/. Ensure that the bottle is both shaken as it is being brought and served to the guest. Shaking the wine bottle tends to agitate the sediments in the bottle. Being professional at this step is highly important. It is highly advisable to bring out the wine glasses before the wine bottle so as to make the service procedure easier. In the case that a couple ordered the wine it is considered complementary to serve the lady first. Always keep in mind the saying ladies first. This should be taken keenly, especially in the case that it is the lady who ordered the wine. In the case of groups it will be better to ask the group who would like to taste the wine.