Clearly, when we think about the use of synthetic turf products, the only thing that occurs to our mind is its primary use in the sports stadia all over the world. However, if we talk about today, this is not the case anymore. The misconception of use of synthetic turf products and its limitations has vanished over the years and we now see it being used in various areas.  Let’s tell you about various applications where synthetic turf products are widely used all over the world. 

Applications of Synthetic Turf Products 

  1. Sports Arenas and Stadia As mentioned earlier, the major use of synthetic turf was originally and specifically designed for the sports stadia. The most widely and commonly use is indoor stadia where there is almost insufficient natural light i.e. sunlight to sustain the natural grass. Not only the synthetic turf is used indoors but also outdoors as a superior alternative to grass.  
  2. Playground Turf Playground systems are installed by both residential and commercial/municipals for children and clearly, it can be witnessed that parks departments have made a strong case for switching from the natural grass to synthetic turf on the grounds as it requires less maintenance cost. The same can be witnessed in commercial businesses such as hotels and motels that choose fake grass in the playground for children. 
  3. Golf Practicing Application Using synthetic turf for golf is becoming more and more popular and can be visibly seen in areas such as Florida, California and Texas where the weather conditions consist of low rainfall and high temperatures. These places where the climatic conditions are pretty harsh and there’s a large demand for golf, synthetic turf can be seen almost everywhere. 
  4. Balcony Turf One of the biggest advantages of using a fake turf is that it can be installed even in the tiniest place which receives little or almost no direct sunlight. As such, synthetic turf products can be seen to be supplied for the usage at balconies, verandas, porches and shaded patio areas.  
  5. Swimming Pool Area Artificial synthetic turf products are mainly used to beautify the areas you want which is why they are ideal for trimming and beautifying swimming pool areas as they do not get muddy and soggy and dry up pretty quick. Clearly, the above mentioned points have shown you how synthetic turf products can be used widely for number of applications and require almost no maintenance cost, are budget friendly and can be easily shipped to wherever you want. There is literally no other reason to not consider synthetic turf products for your usage as it makes complete sense all round.  artificial-grass