Use Of A Pharmacy Dispensing Robot For Filling A Prescription

Waiting for your medicines to be dispensed from the pharmacy automation robots is very complicated. Not only it is time consuming, but it can also turn out to be harmful. In some underdeveloped pharmacies, there is only one pharmacist that has to be available for the staff, assist the technicians when filling out prescriptions and be answerable to the patients for any misunderstanding. This is considered to be a huge problem for many pharmacies. However, to get rid of this problem, an automated dispensing machine can help out the patients with their medicines. There is no doubt about the fact that our world is now turning into a global village, where everything is done within the blink of an eye. Today, technology is preferred over man. It is not hard to explain the function of a robotic dispensing machine, you can control it by simply touching the screen. The medicines, cap bottles, labeling prescription, and answering any query objected by a patient can all be done by this machine. Obviously, who wouldn’t want this? But, the major question, is it safe?  The first arrival of dispensing robots that was introduced in different pharmacies was done in 1990s. The major goal behind this invention was to save time and keep the pharmacy running efficiently. These machines are now being used nationwide and have proven to be very helpful. For more information, please log on to

The Advantages of using these machines 

  • Safety: There are many pills that look the same, and can easily be mistaken by patients and staff members. But, the automated machine does not face this problem. As a bonus, all of the pills are kept safe and sterilized.  
  • Security: Every medicine kept inside this machine is being tracked by a specific software. No unauthorized user can bust in. Only pharmacy staff members are trained to use it and restock it whenever required.  
  • Speed: The number one advantage of this machine is, fast service. It takes only 1 to 2 seconds for this machine to dispense a prescript medicine for the patient.  

The Disadvantages of using these machines 

  • Mistakes: Every person is bound to make mistakes, even a machine can make a mistake. This automated machine can make a mistake when the wrong pill is loaded in it. It is possible that customers might receive the wrong medication.  
  • Software Problems: These machines are tracked by special computer programs which can sometimes reboot or shut down without a single warning. It is very time consuming to do software updates and attach the machine to the pharmacy’s record management system. This has to be done properly, in order to prevent from any kind of errors.  
  • Variety: Automated machines have different kinds. Every kind has a different operating software. However, older machines are less troublemaking while, the new ones require a lot of handling.  
  • Breakdowns: In order to prevent disasters or break downs from happening, only staff members are trained to handle the machine at ever location. If the machine requires service, it can much time.