Tips For Using Littmann Classic Iii Properly

Littman stethoscopes are known for their best quality sound and comfortable ear pods. While monitoring the heartbeat they will give disruption free clear heartbeat sound which cannot be heard with naked ears alone. Still there are some important tips that can ensure the quality and worth of the product you are buying.

Align your headset

Gently place your ear pods in front of your ear lobes pointing forward away from you to ensure that ear tubes will fit your ear canal or not for maximum comfort and ease of your ear, now slowly pull the headset away to open it slightly and insert into your ears. Adjust it according to the increase or decrease in pressure and tension in your ear canal

Choose the size of ear tube carefully

The best thing about littmann classic III is there is a variety of sizes for all types of earlobes. The softness and thickness is also varied according to your own preference. Always check the right kind of stethoscope and ear tube best suited for your ear to provide safety and comfort while using it quite often.

Rotate to right side

According to the usability of which side you have to use rotate the chest piece accordingly, just one thing is to be taken care of is if the diaphragm is being used the bell side should be covered and vice versa to limit the unnecessary external sounds and avoiding any distortion of the sound.

Clean it frequently

Keeping stethoscope in a pocket or in a closed box will cause dust and debris to accumulate at the surface which can cause obstruction while monitoring the heartbeat or examining a person. So cleaning the surface area of the chest piece frequently is really essential. Covering the surface with a removable diaphragm will also prevent dust from accumulating at the surface.

Check the Seal

Always check for the loose or crack parts in the diaphragm of the headset to ensure smooth and clear transmission of sound from patient to doctor’s ears without any external sound interrupting it or causing any pressure.

No matter if you are a doctor or not keeping nurse stethoscope at your home for normal examination of a person showing some ill symptoms or checking blood pressure would be an investment worth spending for and a decision you are never going to regret in future. Examine all of the above factors while choosing the best stethoscope and treat your loved ones by yourself with best equipment at ease of your home. The same perks will be enjoyed by any physician or doctor in town for themselves.