Protecting High Value Cargo In Transportation

Companies that specialize in the transportation of high risk valuable items have to be extra careful about their safety. The items may be perishable, fragile, dangerous or highly valuable. This can also decide the type of transportation used for the delivery of such goods. There are different modes of transportation such as road, air, sea and rail transport.

The level of safety needed by the product also depends on the areas they are delivered to. For example, if you take Mexico, it has very low transportation costs and a fewer number of complex supply chains. But despite this, it has a high rate of cargo theft and smuggling. Cargo theft can affect all modes of transport. And cargo theft has become one of the biggest challenges faced by transport companies.

The chance of theft becomes higher for long transport durations and long waiting times at customs. Truck transport Brisbane has become increasingly vulnerable due to the tenacity of the smugglers and criminals targeting precious cargo. These criminals use technology to assist in their illegal activities. One such example is GPS jamming where they block the GPS signal of the transport vehicle to hijack it. Then they will proceed to unload the cargo into a secondary vehicle. This can be prevented by the use of jamming detection software and RF beacons.

The most important thing to remember when transporting precious cargo is to stay alert. You have to be aware of your surroundings during the entire stretch of the trip. You should notify the relevant authorities immediately if you notice any unknown vehicles parked outside the warehouse facility, any unauthorized personnel or individuals with camera equipment. You need to have a thorough understanding of the security measures implemented by your company and any changes that occur. If you’re faced with a difficulty on the road, you should notify enforcement officials immediately. You have to respond fast to every alarm and if you see any suspicious activity or theft, it should be notified immediately. Criminals are used to handling stolen goods and a quick response can determine the fate of your cargo. We are in a very technologically advanced age. Therefore, it is important that you refrain from sharing confidential information about your operations or your cargo with unauthorized personnel.If fewer people have access to the information, there will be fewer chances of your operation being compromised. 

You should also be familiar with the carriers involved in transporting your goods, delivery routes, drivers who pick up the cargo and the schedules for each delivery. This will minimize the chances of you being led astray by impersonators. The security of all supply chain partners has to be closely monitored. Selecting employees is important as in most cases cargo theft can be traced to insiders. You have to run through background checks on everyone you hire to make sure they are reliable enough to be charged with the security of your cargo.