How To Organise Your Child’s Room?

A child’s room can be the centre of chaos and clutter. You will hardly be able to find anything you need, given how many things are strewn across the floor, the table, the bed and every other surface you can find. This is what prompts the age old complaint of parents who despair over the poor organisational skills of their children. You will have to teach your child the merits of organisation from a young age. Put yourself in their shoes and view the room through their eyes. Most of the storage units have to be placed at locations accessible to the children. You can’t use the same organisational system and structures that you use for your own needs. This means avoiding adult furniture and dresser drawers etc. You can use kids labels on the containers that are used to store their things whether they are toys, sports gear, school work etc.

You can start by organising their closet. The clothes can be organised according to school uniforms, what you wear at home, sportswear and clothing to wear out. You can use clothing labels for school wear to make sure their clothes don’t get swapped with another child’s. Once you have sorted the clothes according to the occasion, sort them into tops and bottoms. That is, you can keep shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, tee shirts, blouses, pyjamas separately. This will make it easier for them to select an outfit in the morning. You have to include the child in this process as well. You have to lead by example. It is not enough that you stress the importance of organisation on your child; you have to abide by them too. Try to be always patient with the child. It is very important that you listen to what they have to say. Turn the whole process into a fun activity. You can paint tiny drawers and boxes together and label them. They can draw certain things on the boxes to denote what is inside. The system has to make sense to your child.

You have to go through all of your child’s belongings and check what is needed and what is not. You can see if they’re open to the idea of giving away their extra toys or clothing for other children in need. This will teach them to exercise empathy. Think of ways to brighten up the room. Children’s rooms are often small and they can become easily cluttered. There has to be enough open space in the room for the child to stretch this/her limbs. Get their take on what kinds of colours and patterns they like for the room. To know more about name labels for kids, visit