Difference Between Pull Up Banners And Pop Up Banners

The concept of banner has always been there since ancient times. Since always people have been using banners to depict or portray their emotions. Originally banner was a piece of clothing whose function was similar as that of today. The use of banner has always been either for promotional purposes or for procession purposes. Certain logo, design or message is written on a banner which either promotes a product or supports and particular party or campaign. With the passage of time different and innovative forms of banners were invented. These banners differ from each other on the basis of their composition or qualities. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between pull up banners in Melbourne and pop up banners.


In simple words, a banner can be described as a piece of clothing on which certain logo, design; slogan or message is imprinted or customized. These banners are used for different purposes varying from promoting your product to showing your support for a particular party. With the passage of time, new and creative banners were introduced. Although the concept behind these banners is still the same which is promotional or campaigning purposes but the form of creativity has progressed. 

Pull up banners: 

A pull up banner is the one which can be easily pulled up and can be placed within a few seconds.The designs; logo or message can be printed or customized in either side of the banner. These banners are about two meter in length but their width varies according to the message or design that is imprinted on the banner. Pull up stands are quite easy to fold and unfold because of which they are quite popular among the sales person who can carry their advertisement around. The weight of these banners is also very light which makes things even easier. 

Pop up banners:  

Pop up banners are the banners that appears suddenly in the foreground of the visual surface hence the name pop up. These banners are comparatively larger than the pull up banners and are normally used for trade shows and exhibition purposes. Various sections of a banner stand are joined together to make one impressive banner stand. Another difference that lies between pop up banner and pull up banners is that, pop up banners are comparatively more expensive than the pull up banners. 


The concept of banner has been around since forever as people use it for various purposes like promoting their product or showing their support for a particular party. In ancient times, banner was just a piece of clothing with a message written on it but with the passage of time latest versions and forms of banners were introduced. Pull up banners and pop up banners are two of the most commonly used banners which are basically used for promotional or campaigning purposes. The main difference that lies between both these banners is their length and price. “Stick on signs” provides the most versatile and creative forms of banners all across the Melbourne.