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Benefits Of Building Your Own Rig

While it may be easy to just walk into a computer shop to find the model of the HP or Acer machine you have been eyeing, the reality is that buying a pre-built computer may not be the best choice you are making for replacing your ageing machine. In fact, you could get a lot more advantages if you decided to build the machine from the ground-up by yourself. This might seem a hassle for a lot of people out there, but building PCs nowadays has become so easy that just about anybody can do it. Unlike the past few decades, manufacturers of computer parts now include instructions to deal with each step of building a machine, plus there are a lot of resources online that can help you achieve your goal. But what’s even more interesting is the various advantages that you can get if you opt to build your machine instead of relying on prebuilts. Some of them are given below:

Since you are the person selecting all the components of your machine, you are free to do whatever you like when making your selections. That means you can get any one of the gaming computer cases you often see advertised in computer shops. You can, therefore, go for great looking thematic builds, complete with programmable LED strips and RGB fans to make your computer a piece of art rather than a mere machine.

You Can Buy High-End Components
What if the prebuilt you intended to buy doesn’t have the fastest Core i7 processor right now? With a custom build, you can fix that by buying whatever you want, be it a new graphics card, hard disk, processor or even motherboard. Prebuilt computers also cut corners on things like the power supply or hard disk, which will not happen with your own custom build as you are taking your time to select the best parts.

It Will Prove to be Cheaper
Like it or not, you can make your custom build cost a lot less than an equivalent prebuilt, although you might have chosen a few better parts or even one of the best-looking computer towers you can find. Sure, this is not possible if you go only for the high-end parts, but most users can quickly use an online calculator to find out that in general, prebuilts tend to be priced a lot higher.

You Can Upgrade It Later
While you can upgrade prebuilts to a certain extent, you will probably find out that their power supplies are not sufficient to power high-end graphics cards, due to the lack of the necessary power connectors. Unfortunately, the power supply in some prebuilts is not even removable, thereby forcing you to only use lower powered graphics cards for future upgrades. This issue is entirely non-existent with custom builds, as you can just swap anything you want whenever you want to do