Cake Decorating Trends

Most children start off their journey in the kitchen with baking. As this is one of the easiest and safest way to whip up some edible creation, at a very young age. However, if this has evolved into a passion for cake decorating over the years, then there are a few cake trends which you must be aware of.

Buttercream creationsPreviously, buttercream was used as a base coat underneath fondant or used to decorate cakes using different nozzles. You could create almost anything using a star nozzle, including princess dolls to superheroes. But the buttercream creations have been taken a step higher by creating realistic looking flowers to adorn a simple buttercream cake, taking it from boring to an eye catching piece, ideal for the dessert table.

Edible imagesIf you thought you would never be able to eat a picture, then think again. With the invention of the edible printer, images can be printed on rice paper and eaten as desired. You could design stickers online and transfer it to the computer to be printed. This way, a perfect image of your choice could be used to decorate your cake.

Non-edible decorationsIf you have no access to an edible printer, but would still like an image of your choice to be added to the cake, you could opt for non-edible images which you could print at a vinyl sticker printing service. Thereafter, this image could be transferred to a fondant piece and placed on your cake. However, you must ensure to remove the image before eating the cake. Other non-edible decorations include wooden stencil toppers and dummy figurines to suit the occasion. In addition, lace borders, pearl strings and ribbons are also widely used for cake borders.

PaintingWith the introduction of edible watercolours, the number of bakers creating cakes with painted images on it, have increased. However, cake trend requires a certain set of skills such as painting ability and creativity. If you are not used to painting complex images then it would be best to stick to other options such as edible images. However, if your artistic skills are top notch, then you could use this technique to create some masterpieces. The world of cake decorating has evolved greatly over the years. With the latest technology and high quality ingredients, the trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, it’s best to be well informed about the latest trends in the cake world, if you wish to turn this hobby into a serious profession.